Community Guidelines

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Be Big community! This community will host our partners as they give time, share a moment, and donate to the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ (BBBS) mentoring mission. Let’s maintain a positive and respectful online environment by keeping in mind the following: 

  1. Treat others with respect, courtesy, and empathy. Harassment, hate speech, personal attacks, and any form of discrimination are prohibited. Your account may be terminated, and law enforcement notified of any resulting illegal activity.
  2. Only content related to the purpose of the mentoring mission of BBBS is allowed on this website. Postings and any video content will be appropriate to the purpose and mission of BBBS.
  3. Users should report any suspicious or harmful behavior to
  4. Activities that are illegal or promote illegal behavior are prohibited. This includes activities such as hacking, fraud, and the distribution of illegal content.
  5. Users are prohibited from spamming the platform with self-promotion or advertisements and will be required to submit an email to post to the website.
  6. Users shall comply with these Terms of Service and may be removed for failing to comply with the terms of service of this website.
  7. BBBSA reserves the right to change these rules at any time, to edit or remove content, and to limit functionality for or to remove people entirely from the community on a case-by-case basis. 
  8. All Rights Reserved: BBBSA retains all the rights granted by copyright law, including the right to reproduce, distribute and display the work. 

Thank you for your cooperation in making our Be Big community a safe, welcoming place to further the mission.



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